ul.Witkiewicza 14 lok.107,
03-305 Warszawa,
tel. (48) 601 592 462,

e-mail: biuro@zpm.org.pl




ul. Jagiellonska 88
00-992 Warszawa
tel. (022) 676 30 00
fax: (022) 811 52 39

Share capital: 1 682 472 PLN
Employment: 9 631

President of the Management Board:         Janusz Woźniak

The Company is composed of its headquarters based at Zeran and three subsidiaries based in Wyszkow, Nysa and Opole what makes FSO S.A. one of the largest Polish automotive producers. In addition, the Company controls joint ventures with total employment of 6 515 workers that manufacture parts and subassemblies. It closely works with ANDORIA S.A., a joint stock company, on assembly and production of a new engine for DAEWOO vehicles. Under the partnership contract Polonez cars (ATU Plus, Caro Plus) have been upgraded and improved, as well as Polonez truck.
Currently, FSO S.A. manufactures and assembles Lanos, Nubira and Leganza cars and Tico and Matiz, low-engine-cubic capacity cars. The production of Polonez station wagon is being prepared. The planned and made capital expenditures will exceed USD 1 million.
The Company has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 9001 quality certificates and the Polish Quality Reward.