ul.Witkiewicza 14 lok.107,
03-305 Warszawa,
tel. (48) 601 592 462,

e-mail: biuro@zpm.org.pl



Instytut Transportu Samochodowego

ul. Jagiellońska 80
03-301 Warszawa
tel. (022) 811 32 31 do 39
fax: (022) 811 09 06
e-mail: info@its.waw.pl

Share capital: 47 085 950 PLN
Employment: 199

Managing Director:       Andrzej Wojciechowski

Motor Transport Institute begun its activities on the strength of the Resolution Nr 593, issued by the Council of Ministers on the 17-th of July 1952.
Nowadays, the Institute's scientific activities concentrate on four essential, strategic directions associated with:

  • organisation and functioning as well as effectiveness of the road transport, operating in the market economy conditions,
  • limiting negative influence of the motorism on the safety of the road traffic participants,
  • protection of the natural environment against harmful results of the motorism development,
  • innovative solutions in a designs and materials used by road transport means and their components as well as in useable operating materials.

All above mentioned directions are encompassing economic, educational, organisational and legislative issues as well as technical ones, with a particular emphasis on attaining European Union standards.
The Institute comprises several departments, and amongst them:
Vehicle Type-Approval & Testing Department, Environmental Protection Department, Diagnostics and Servicing Process Department, Main Laboratory Department, Road Traffic Safety Centre, Economic Research Department.
All research laboratories have been accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditations, while the whole Institute has a ISO 9001.quality system.
Institute co-operates with numerous domestic and foreign centres as well as scientific, research, expert and manufacturers organizations, specializing in road transport research and operational issues.