ul.Witkiewicza 14 lok.107,
03-305 Warszawa,
tel. (48) 601 592 462,

e-mail: biuro@zpm.org.pl



KORAM ZZM Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Annopol 4
03-236 Warszawa
tel. (022) 811 21 70
fax: (022) 811 78 23

Share capital: 102 040 482 PLN
Employment: 149

President of the Management Board:        Krzysztof Rozenberg

The Company is a modern firm manufacturing complete car bumpers, dashboards and door siding for DAEWOO-FSO and other large-size plastic elements, painted to match body colour, and double-hardness seat profiles for automobiles, trucks, delivery vans and buses. The Company also produces special vehicles for police, fire brigades, city guard and army. High quality of the Company's products is ensured by the Quality Management System being in compliance with ISO 9002 and confirmed by KEMA Register Quality and Cleaner Production Certificate granted by PCBC.